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It is precisely a 7-second opportunity to attract and convert a visitor into a potential customer. What if, your website is taking more than that to open up? You’re definitely losing customers every minute of your day! And that’s surely a big number. An updated and rightly optimized website is the core to a successful online presence and it is why we offer fully customized online website maintenance solutions worldwide. We don’t just monitor how your website is performing in the digital space yet, we keep it technically updated and supported while ensuring your business operates without any downtime.

Our Custom Website Maintenance Services

Our custom website maintenance services are holistically designed to facilitate our customers with the best website experience ever. Unlike others, we don’t have any one-fit-to-all website maintenance services; we’ve packages designed to cater to your needs individually. The best part is, if you want to extend our services offerings within a package, we’re always open for top-ups! We listen to your website management concerns and also offer customized plans for personalized website maintenance services and experiences like never before. It is one of the reasons, we’re known as the best corporate website maintenance agencies in the US. Here’s a list of things we include in our website maintenance services. However, there are many other extended services that you can demand and we take it forward accordingly.

Regular Updates: With regular platform version updates to plugin and third-party integration updates, we closely watch over your site’s overall performance. Whether it’s a simple version update on platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart etc., a plugin update or any alteration to tackle compatibility issues, we ensure your website have no alerts left unattended.

Backups: Many online businesses suffer because they’ve no control over their website backups. Be it one malicious attack and they are down to ‘zero’. It is where we rescue them with the most effective and efficient backup plans. From daily to weekly and monthly backups, we’re trained to compile safe and secured website backups; fix the gaps and restore your business website without making you start from scratch.

Site Monitoring: Shorter attention span means a higher bounce rate. This is why we’re focused on monitoring and managing websites without any delay. From speed optimization to minor web face uplifts, we monitor your website 24/7 to ensure no visitor leaves without any action. As soon as we detect a gap, we take good care of it. Simply put, when it comes to site monitoring, we handle all the clutter while you enjoy a good sleep.

Analytics: While we manage a website, we consistently contemplate and analyze the data we receive at the dashboard. Most importantly, we incorporate the findings within the direction we take. We look at the high-traffic zones and analyze what devices, time and content on your website performs the most. If in case, we figure out any bounces, we fix it without any delay.

Content Management: It is one of the most sensitive areas we proficiently take care of. A lot of high-traffic content sites require quick changes, uploads and content deployment and that’s where we come into play. Our proficient CMS experts along with the web maintenance team take good care of all the content management needs while keeping up with the pace of your business.

Online Inventory Management: It is an on-demand website management service that we specialize in. Many of the e-commerce businesses approach us for their online inventory management hassles and we do it like a ‘pro’. We make bulk inventory updates through a CSV or an. XLS file provided by the client, update product status and validate product-centric URLs. For small stock owners, we manage it manually too. No matter how, we do it all.

Inquiry Support: Who can understand the importance of customer satisfaction better than us? We live and breathe on 100% customer satisfaction. If any of your business inquiries are made via your website contact forms or your live chatbot, we intimate you to deal with it timely. So, whether, it’s a rush holiday or sales period, we ensure you’re up and running without any burnout.

Just because we’re hired to take care of your website, we don’t leave you aloof. As a professional web maintenance agency, we attend to your queries and educate you from start till finish. We keep you informed of the changes, updates and alterations we deploy on the website and generate reports on the account. If in case, you hesitate to implement changes, we take your decision as the last word on it. All in all, it’s a team effort to scale your business that you enjoy without skipping your sleep.

Some Additional Services That You May Include

Our internal customer retention data depicts that more than 76% of our customers stay with us for our extended services and enjoy availing it at considerably affordable costs. Many of our customers have renewed their bi-monthly contracts to annual subscriptions whereas many have signed us as their regular digital services partners and we take it as our win!

New Feature Addition: As we impart and implement our website maintenance services on a website, it begins to experience seamless customer journey, quick conversions and high traffic. It is when most of our clients feel to add on new features to their site and sign up for our extended services at an additional cost attached to it.

New Page Layout: Just like you can’t laugh twice at the same joke, your customers get bored of the same eyeball experiences and layouts. Sometimes, your ad campaign also fails to perform because of a poor page layout. It is where our clients sign up for our custom web design services as an extension to our website maintenance services.

Banner Designs: Today, you can’t remain detached from the events happening around the world. So, whether it is Christmas, Easter or Halloween, it is imperative to add event-centric banners and content to the site. Being a custom web design agency in the U.S, we have the team and edge to put up relevant banners without breaking your bank.

Third-Party Integrations: As we help your business website to sustain and scale every single minute, we understand the importance of automation and third-party software or tool integration. If it falls within our domain expertise, we never fail to deliver it and make our clients happy throughout the process.

Value vs. Cost

When it comes to providing valuable support and maintenance services, the cost of website maintenance services becomes secondary to us. However, to outline our top-of-the-line dedicated services within brackets, we offer diverse packages for our clients to decide over freely without dipping into the pocket. From offering the best website maintenance for small businesses to mid and large-level enterprises, we have got a legacy of serving all ticket sizes in the US and across the globe.

Most importantly, we don’t limit our custom web maintenance services to any length, if a website requires more than what we had been assigned to, we fix it while keeping you informed of the actions in time. Some of the key practices that keep us ahead of the game are:

We’re up and running 24/7: Just like we can’t skip a beat, your business can’t afford to have a slow and crashed website. With our 24/7 web maintenance watch over your website, we ensure your business is up and running without skipping a beat.

We’re equipped: Many a time, we come across issues where developers and designers are bound to be involved. With a team of 100+ in-house experts, we don’t have to run a resource hunting sprint, we get the issue resolved without any delay.

We’re experienced: As one of the most professional website maintenance agencies in the US, we handle over 50 website maintenance projects a month. With an extensive team and years of hands-on experience, we’re trained to handle from bit-size to acute-level website issues without any hassle.

We’re cost effective: Considering the value, we offer to our clients; we stand tall as an affordable website maintenance company locally as well as internationally. We’re focused on customer centricity and timely delivery without compromising on the promised quality.

Offering Web Maintenance Services is a tough call, yet we do it because we know what it takes to deliver. It requires a perfect mix of expertise, adaptability and attentiveness and that’s all we have in place!

Our Custom Web Maintenance Process

Web maintenance is about three main aspects. Those are;

  • Security of the site
  • Attracting more traffic and audience
  • Optimizing user’s experience

All these aspects are thoroughly assessed at Web Royals. First thing first, when it comes to security improvement, sites with WordPress and similar content management systems need software security updates. Otherwise, it attracts the attention of hackers, and the probability of stealing content becomes higher.

Secondly, sites that are regularly checked and updated are ranked on search engines faster and better. Then, ranking augments the visibility of the site, which naturally boosts targeted digital marketing. So much so that the keywords are ranked, and the content emerges before the targeted audience.

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